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As Sieglinde in Wagner's Die Walküre, Lucerne Festival

  • "Art Song Recital at Hunding's House"

    At first glance, the title may sound like a somewhat irreverent review. Rather, it is laudatory: I can not think of a better way to summarize what happened this night, particularly during the wonderful first act, from the first to the last bar. Jonathan Nott started with a lightning storm, and concluded-without haste, as is commanded, with excitement in quavers. Between one thing and another, the Wälsungs sang devoted to each other in the privacy of the night, as if they were alone on the stage, while an orchestra transparent and silky, transmitting the warmth of spring.

    Already last night I found that the U.S. Meagan Miller was destined for more than Freia, but could not imagine that this voice would compose a Sieglinde of such high flights, fleshy and warm voice, extremely well educated for these purposes. For Klaus Florian Vogt, the role fits like a glove, he was comfortable and enjoys it, using sufficient power and beautiful color. And the phrasing of both singers was a lesson: "Der Männer Sippe" was heard for what it is, essentially a narrative with momentum, and if you had told me tonight that "Winterstürme" Franz Schubert himself had written it, I would have blindly believed. For the same reasons, another unforgettable moment was preparation for removing the ash sword: how ironic sounds Alberich's renunciation of love, while Vogt sings Siegmund, emphasizing his overwhelming innocence.

    Alfredo López-Vivié Palencia, Mundo Clasico
  • "Was für ein auch optisch überzeugendes Wälsungenpaar sind Meagan Miller und Klaus Florian Vogt!"
    What an also optically convincing Wälsungcouple are Meagan Miller and Klaus Florian Vogt!

    Monika Beer, Fränkischer Tag
  • "En el apartado de lo excepcional brillaron Klaus Florian Vogt, Elisabeth Kulman o Meagan Miller, entre otros."
    In the category of those who shone exceptionally were Klaus Florian Vogt, Elisabeth Kulman and Meagan Miller, among others.

  • "Meagan Miller singt eine Sieglinde mit pointiertem, kraftvoll-lyrischem Klang."
    Meagan Miller sings a Sieglinde with pointed, powerfully-lyric sound.

    Alexander Dick, Badische Zeitung
  • "Sa partenaire Meagan Miller en Sieglinde , (Walkyrie 1°2°). Soprano lyrique d'un tempérament exceptionnel a subjugué l'auditoire. Superbe jeune femme au timbre profond et clair, à l'aigu gainé, flexible parfaitement juste .Une maitrise du souffle et du legato impeccables et une qualité de phrasé et de prononciation intense et subtile qui nous promet un bel avenir d'autres auditions. Elle s'est montrée dans cette version de concert aussi immergée dans ce rôle que s'il y eut un décor, chaque expression et chaque geste allant du même allant et du même ressenti du personnage que la voix. Elle chante aussi Freia (Or du Rhin) et la Troisième Norne rôles moins exposés auquel elle donne leur dimension idéale."
    His partner Meagan Miller was Sieglinde (Die Walküre 1 ° 2 °). The lyric soprano with an outstanding temperament enthralled the audience. A beautiful young woman with deep and clear tone, the top gathered, flexible and perfectly true. A mastery of breath and legato and impeccable quality of phrasing and intense and subtle pronunciation that promises a bright future for further hearings. She also showed herself in this concert version to be also immersed in this role as if there was a setting, every expression and every gesture from the same level and even felt in the character's voice. She also sang Freia (Das Rheingold) and the Third Norn, less exposed roles to which she gives their ideal scope.

  • "His [Klaus Florian Vogt's] first-act duet with Meagan Miller, a promising newcomer from the U.S., proved the highlight of the Lucerne 'Die Walküre.'"

    Barnaby Krauss, The Wall Street Journal

As Sieglinde with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

  • [Miller] gradually built to a full-voiced finale as her mutual passion for her twin brother Siegmund is revealed.
  • At the other extreme, Miller proved a charming Sieglinde -- clear, sweet and ample in the impassioned middle and upper register lines, those in which Sieglinde and her sibling, Siegmund, declare their forbidden and ill-fated love.

    The Australian
  • Stenz, the soloists and the MSO delivered an intensity of sound that was all-encompassing, rare and powerful.... Miller provided a strong but gentle contrast as she welcomed the stranger into her home, and was increasingly drawn to his story.

  • Particularly exciting was the vocal sound created by the soloists in Wagner's The Valkyrie, in which both Stuart Skelton and Meagan Miller sang with thrilling colour and texture.

    The Sydney Morning Herald