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Elisabetta in Verdi's Don Carlo at Deutsche Oper Berlin

  • Meagan Miller sang beautifully - she gave us a very elegant Elisabetta.

    Opera Kritik
  • Meagan Miller was to be experienced as Elisabetta. The picture-beautiful American possesses an interesting dark-hued soprano, which accommodates this rather low-lying Verdi role well. Her desperate interjections in the fourth-act concertato were very beautiful.

  • The American soprano Meagan Miller, who in the last two to three years has conquered the greatest European stages, presented for her role debut as Elisabetta a confident queen with secure intonation, remarkably clear voice production through the registers and a good vocal presence. At this point her interpretation, from the cleanly intoned interjections in the quartet of the bedroom scene to her cleverly constructed aria in the final scene, already has great persuasive power.
  • Meagan Miller as Elisabetta sang beautifully and looked exactly that way too.